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Anne Stewart
Anne Stewart is a poet whose work is providing technical services to poets and poetry organisations. She founded the poetry p f website, is administrator for Second Light, and is co-editor of the English/Romanian anthology, And the Story Isn’t Over… which takes its title from Mary MacRae’s poem Life Story.

Second Light’ biannual journal of women’s poetry and writing about poetry, in which a poem of Mary’s and an i.m. article on Mary, were published.

Brittle Star
A poetry & short story magazine which prides itself on publishing ‘rising stars’ and in which A Tribute to Mary MacRae was published, along with three of Mary’s poems in their Featured Poets series.

Dilys Wood
Dilys Wood, poet and founder of the Second Light network of women poets, is a great admirer and promoter of Mary MacRae’s poetry. Her imprint, Second Light Publications, published both of Mary MacRae’s collections. The network administers the ‘Mary MacRae ‘Access to Poetry’ Memorial Fund’, which offers travel bursaries to women poets requiring assistance with funding to attend Second Light events.

Enitharmon Press
A specialist poetry publisher whose anthologies include two of the Poetry School anthologies, one of which – Entering the Tapestry features Mary MacRae’s poetry.

Faber & Faber
Renowned publisher of poetry and publishers of the annual Forward Prize anthologies. Mary’s poem Jury was shortlisted for the Forward Prize in 2007 and appeared in the Forward Prize anthology Decades of Poems in 2011.

Forward Arts Foundation
Sponsors the Forward Poetry Prizes and initiated National Poetry Day.

Specialist in educational publishing for libraries, schools and businesses. Publishers of the series Directory of Literary Biography, including Twenty-First-Century “Black” British Poets in which Mary MacRae’ article on Mimi Khalvati appears.

Lucy Hamilton
Lucy Hamilton, a poet and freelance tutor, was a friend and colleague of Mary MacRae for several years. Lucy’s i.m. article on Mary was published in Brittle Star and in ARTEMISpoetry.

Magma Poetry
A poetry journal aiming to promote the very best in contemporary poetry. Mary MacRae was associated with the journal for several years. Her publications in the magazine include Mary’s own poetry and an interview with Myra Schneider, Mary’s mentor, colleague and friend.

Mimi Khalvati
Poet and founder of the Poetry School, Mimi was a mentor, tutor and friend of Mary MacRae for several years. Mimi wrote the Afterword for Mary MacRae’s second (posthumous) collection, Inside the Brightness of Red.

Myra Schneider
Poet and tutor, Myra was a mentor and close friend of Mary MacRae, who attended Myra’s poetry group for 8 years. Myra and Mary became close through poetry but also through Mary’ support to Myra while the latter was undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Musing by Moolight
A popular and respected blog by Jamie Dedes, featuring poetry and articles by and about poets, including the Meet the Poets series which featured Mary MacRae in April 2011.

Newnham College, Cambridge
College where Mary MacRae read English and where many life-long friendships were formed. The College was established in 1871 as a house in which young women could reside while attending lectures in Cambridge. Newnham is still a women’s college, and the only undergraduate college with an all-women Fellowship.

poetry p f
Showcase featuring over 290 contemporary poets writing in English. Each poet’s pages include a sample of their work, a short biography and photograph of the poet, a contact link for the poet and contact details for purchase of their publications. Mary MacRae at poetry p f

poetry pRO
An ongoing collaborative project between Prof Dr Lidia Vianu and students of the University of Bucharest and members (117 at the last count) of poetry p f. The site features comments and notes on some of the translators, the publication record of the work completed by those involved, and links to the online Translation Café, which is the University of Bucharest’s forum for the work and the results of it, and to the various publication outlets.

Poetry School
Founded by Mimi Khalvati and now an internationally recognised centre for advanced mentoring of poets as well as offering a wide range of learning opportunities for those wishing to develop their poetic skills. Many of today’s British poets owe their start and increasing recognition to this organisation and its highly skilled tutors.

Second Light
A support network of women poets, founded and run by Dilys Wood with the help of a small committee of members, consultant Myra Schneider, administrator Anne Stewart, and Membership Secretary, Kaye Lee. The network aims to encourage, support and promote the work of women poets.
The network’s imprint, Second Light Publications, has published several anthologies and individual collections (including both of Mary MacRae’s collections) and publishes the bi-annual journal of women’s poetry and writing about poetry, ARTEMISpoetry.
Members of the network are invited to take a page on their website – see Mary MacRae at SecondLightLive
Second Light administers the Mary MacRae ‘Access to Poetry’ Memorial Fund, created with donations from Mary’s family with a view to providing Travel Bursaries to Second Light workshops, which those on limited means may not otherwise be able to attend.

Staple magazine
Staple is a magazine of poetry, short fiction, articles, reviews and images published three times each year. It is edited by Wayne Burrows and is now based in Nottingham. (taken from Poetry Magazines websie)

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